Christian Giannotti, MBA, CSA

Originally from South America Bolivia, member of a Traditional Family, Medical Father by Profession and Professional Mother in the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Area, 4 Children of which, He is the 2nd.

They emigrated from their native Bolivia to the United States in 1980, with the Vision of improving their Quality of Life, given the opportunities for growth and development that this Great Nation offers to people willing to venture into a multicultural world where all the resources necessary to achieve the objectives of Well-being that has prompted them to leave their roots and even family in their Countries of Origin.

Christian given his nature as an Entrepreneur, Persevering and above all with Great Human Quality that characterizes him for the treatment he provides to his peers, always ready to provide service to those around him; In addition to having completed his University Education, he completed two Master’s Degrees: Business Administration and Information Systems, is kept up-to-date with Certification Courses in the Financial Field which has also allowed it to be a Certified and Independent Insurance Agent with licenses authorized in various States of the Country (Illinois, Florida, Arizona, California, Indiana and Wisconsin).

Due to this educational trajectory, it has the theoretical bases to address Financial issues, which it shares individually and collectively through various media in which it has participated, among which the following stand out: In addition to the Commitment that He has forged with the Community, focused largely on Hispanics; These antecedents have allowed him to acquire the necessary experience to guide and help hundreds of people who need to know how to obtain balance in the important aspects in their life (Health, Money, Protection and Legacy) that lead them to enjoy the journey in each stage with Júbilo y Felicidad; so the motto that identifies him is: “ALWAYS EMBRACING THE HISPANIC COMMUNITY.”