Lilia Arias

Born and raised in Chicago. I have a high school Diploma. My major in high school was Cosmetology. Later on in life I decided that I wanted to work for Verizon Wireless in customer service, my duties there were helping clients understand their bills, doing software upgrades, and also technician when phones needed servicing.

I also helped clients choose the correct plan that would better suit their needs, and helped them understand how to use the phone.

I worked for them for about 10 years. Then I took some time off to raise my 2 girls. Soon after that I started working part time with the agency and some time after became full time with the agency, Here I also do customer service, answer phones, help people apply for medicare and or Medicaid, and other office duties.

Nothing is more pleasing to me than knowing I just helped our Seniors be at eaz. To know that they could come to me for any questions puts a smile on my face.